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Sardinia: new directives on sea urchin fishing ban approved

Agris Sardegna Agency launches a market survey on the subject

24, Oct 2022

The Regional Department of Agriculture announces that with Resolution of the Regional Council no. 31/2 of 13 October 2022, the new directives were approved on the methods of involvement of operators affected by the halt of sea urchin fishing (authorized professional underwater fishermen and related personnel on board the support units), in experimental monitoring and environmental recovery and the related criteria and methods for assigning compensation for carrying out these activities, the requirements in the event of involuntary sampling, any sanctions in the event of violations of the law, and also the scientific monitoring plan on the effects of the fishing stop .

In relation to the resolution, the Agris Sardegna Agency has launched a market survey to collect the adhesions of professional underwater fishermen authorized and interested in participating in the scientific monitoring plan on the effects of stopped fishing for sea urchins, and in experimental activities, environmental monitoring and recovery.

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Cagliari, Italia, 20/10/2022 11:56
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