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Sardinia, sea urchin fishing: the decree for unblocking will soon be signed

Councillor Satta receives ricciai fishermen: 'ready to work together for the benefit of the sector'

15, Dec 2022

In the coming days, the councilor for agriculture will also meet representatives of the agricultural and pastoral sectors, and of fisheries
A meeting of a cognitive nature, and at the same time aimed at signing the implementing decree relating to the release of sea urchin fishing until 30 April 2023, as established by the recent approval of the Omnibus 2 Regional Law: the Councilor for Agriculture Valeria Satta yesterday afternoon received a delegation of Sardinian sea urchins in the premises of the councillorship, invited to discuss the problems of the sector. "My goal is to work with people, with workers, go to the area to evaluate what to do on the basis of the needs of the various sectors", said the commissioner, who will also meet representatives of the agricultural sectors in the next few days and pastoral and fishing.

Fishing for echinoderms, which had been interrupted until 2025 with the regional law of 2021, can thus restart. The hedgehogs shared with Satta the perplexities linked above all to the number of active licenses, not always used, and to the collection points, which are too few and consequently excessively exploited.

Furthermore, the importance of compliance with national legislation on sanctions was underlined. “We will make an effort – assured the exponent of the Giunta Solinas – to ensure that each sector can work in the most suitable conditions for workers, while protecting ecosystems. It is essential to encourage the turnover of professionalism, to allow new young people to become part of such an identifying sector of our economy. We will also ensure that those who have always worked legally and in compliance with the rules can continue their work in peace".

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Cagliari, Italy, 12/14/2022 2:14 pm
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