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European Semester: Spain's commitment to fisheries traceability

Among the priorities indicated by Minister Planas: food autonomy and decarbonisation of the fleet

18, May 2023

The Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis Planas assured that one of the themes on which Spain's work will focus during the six-month presidency of the European Union will be to strengthen the common effort between the States Member States to improve controls and traceability of fishery products imported from third countries.

In response to a parliamentary question to the Senate, the minister recalled that in the case of Spain, extractive fishing produces about 800,000 tons a year, but imports more than double, 1.7 million tons. For this reason, he has ensured that in addition to guaranteeing the sustainability of intra-community activity and compliance with European legislation on maximum sustainable yield and waste, it is also necessary to pay attention to imported products.

The minister admitted that the control carried out by regional fisheries organizations and the Community regulation in Europe, which establishes a control between 5% and 15% of imported products, are mechanisms that work well, but "we must not rest on our laurels" and there is a need to improve performance.To make further progress in this area, he mentioned, for example, the promotion of the digitization of import controls and the strengthening of international collaboration, as well as the European regulation.

In relation to the priorities of the Spanish presidency of the EU in terms of fishing, the minister indicated that they will revolve around food autonomy and the contribution of fishing catches, the decarbonisation of the fleet and the setting of eligible ceilings and multi-year installments.

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Madrid, Spagna, 17/05/2023 12:47
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