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Sustainable Fishing Weeks 16 – 29 October 2023

MSC Marine Stewardship Council

04, Sep 2023

The Sustainable Fishing Weeks are back in their third edition to remind us that choosing MSC certified fish products means choosing to give a future to the oceans. The campaign, promoted by the MSC Marine Stewardship Council - a non-profit organization that promotes ocean health through a certification program for sustainable fishing - sees the participation of the most influential companies in the Italian fish supply chain: processing and marketing companies, supermarkets, hypermarkets and restaurant chains that will take the field with communication initiatives, in-store activities and special promotions to remind all consumers of the importance of protecting the oceans starting with their consumption choices.

Blue Foods - foods that come from water (oceans, lakes and rivers) feed over a third of the world's population and are rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, iron and vitamins A and B12 which are better absorbed by the organism just when they are taken through the fish. But the benefits don't stop there: foods such as algae, bivalves, salmon and small pelagics (sardines, mackerel and anchovies) obtained through fishing have, in addition to the highest nutritional benefits, a lower environmental impact than most foods of animal origin bred on land. But for all these benefits to be significant and long-lasting, fisheries need to be managed sustainably so that fish resources and the human population continue to thrive.

To learn more about these topics, MSC will meet on October 26 at Casa Emergency in Milan, where a conference will be held to talk about the fundamental role of foods from the oceans and fresh water, called Blue Foods, for global food security.

For info or reservations: mscpescasostenibile@msc.or

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