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Spain: Norway lobster fishing reopens in the Gulf of Cadiz

Measure agreed with Portugal, after three months of closure to avoid overshooting quota

07, Dec 2023

In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has decided to reopen Norway lobster fishing for the fleet operating in the Gulf of Cadiz (functional unit 30 of division 9A), starting from midnight today. The measure was made possible after a quota-swapping agreement between Spain and Portugal.

This fishery had been closed as a precaution since September 15th to avoid exceeding the available quota. Norway lobster is a product in great demand during the Christmas period, therefore the ministry promoted an exchange with Portugal, which made it possible to increase the available quota, so that the Spanish fleet can have a total of 1,754 kilograms available for the rest of the campaign .

Given that this amount may not be sufficient for the rest of the year, the General Secretariat of Fisheries will constantly monitor the evolution of consumption and will proceed to definitively close the fishing activity as soon as the fixed and now available quantity of catches is reached.

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Madrid, Spain, 05/12/2023 17:29
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