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Studies, research and initiatives to give fishing a future

Projects of the three-year plan 2022 presented: Legacoop Agroalimentare in tune with the ministry for the sustainability and revitalisation of the fishing sector

16, Jan 2023

Spreading the philosophy of Legacoop Agroalimentare on the subject of sustainable fishing along the entire supply chain, from the sea to the plate whether in the restaurant or at home. Environmental and ecological sustainability, in first position, but also economic sustainability for the survival of the fleets. These are the themes of the works developed in the three-year plan of Legacoop Agroalimentare which has led to research, studies and analyses, to concrete projects where the real protagonists are the fishermen and consumers. The point on the three-year plan was made in recent days in an online meeting between the various players in the supply chain and the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and Forestry (Masaf), Eleonora Iacovoni.
Projects to give profitability to fishermen and sustainability to consumers. As underlined by the president of Legacoop Agroalimentare Cristian Maretti. “We have done work to arrive at establishing sustainable fishing standards. We work with the market that needs to compare prices and with consumers who ask for sustainability. A work in harmony with the political guidelines with the Masaf demonstrating that things are done seriously, real projects made by those who live fishing». Real projects, so much so that, continues Maretti «Minister Lollobrigida already verified in the meeting in Brussels in December how difficult it is to reverse the tendencies to reduce the fishing effort. These works will certainly be a support in support of its objectives of giving the sector a better future".

Also for Eleonora Iacovoni, Pemac IV manager of Masaf, there is a need to give a better future to fishing. «It is a sector that is facing great challenges, which needs studies, research, continuous evolution to improve the profitability of fishermen and to protect the sea. Fishing is a strategic sector for Italy, so much so that the ministry has already started major investments".

Studies and research to give fishing a future. Among the projects presented are those linked to the presence of wind farms and regasification plants at sea. «Wind platforms can be a problem for the route of boats, but also an opportunity for mussel farmers. With our study we analyzed the position of the blades at sea and saw if they hindered the routes. A job that will be of help to the institutions when it comes to establishing where to place parks and platforms», explained Maretti.

Other projects target bycatch such as blue shark in swordfish fishing. The research project carried out has highlighted excellent results in the survival (over 80%) of the captured specimens if treated with the correct methods on board before being released into the water. Themes of environmental sustainability, but also of the market. Including the analysis of restaurant openings managed with the sensitivity and according to the values of fishermen in a big city like Milan. Or the study on the perception of fishing by citizens to start a process of valorisation of the fishing profession and to know the habits and opinions of citizens on fishing, fishing tourism and ittitourism.

Projects concerned the feasibility of business networks in the fishing, culture and tourism sectors, but also the reduction of energy consumption and the promotion of the circular economy in vessels serving offshore mariculture/shellfish farming plants.

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