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Blue crab talk show with the Marche Polytechnic University

Friday 29 September in Ancona

27, Sep 2023

The blue crab was certainly, for better or worse, one of the absolute protagonists of summer 2023. The event in question, bringing together trade associations, fishermen, breeders, disseminators and the academic world, will illustrate to the public present how this alien species has settled in the Adriatic Sea, the possible damage it causes to fishing and aquaculture but also the commitment of the Polytechnic University of Marche in identifying answers and solutions to this issue.

The talk show will be an opportunity to answer questions and curiosities from the public but also to be able to closely observe live specimens of blue crab kept in captivity and a series of foods produced by national companies based on blue crab, already present on the market today.

Appointment Friday 29 September
at 8.15pm
at O Acqua O Vino
Pope's Square - Ancona

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