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22, Mar 2023

Federpesca in Brussels to defend Italian fishing

With the European Trawling Alliance (EBFA) to reiterate that the Action Plan "Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems for sustainable and resilient fishing"

22, Mar 2023

MyERP. Fish management made easy.

The CSB-System ERP ensures that your company is optimized, ready for further digitization and in line with key indicators

20, Mar 2023

Fedagri Pesca to the government: a pact to save Italian excellence

I pescatori chiedono al Masaf una "posizione fortemente critica" sulle ultime proposte Ue

15, Mar 2023

Fishing: sparks fly between Spain and the EU

The Iberian government criticises the Commission's proposal that 'demonises trawling'

21, Feb 2023

The fishermen of Rimini write to Minister Calderone

A story concerning Rimini and its navy

17, Feb 2023

Change of location: AQUA 2024 will be held in Copenhagen

From the 25th to the 29th August 2024