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19, Oct 2022

Veneto fishermen at management school to overcome challenges

Presented to institutions, trade associations and operators the 'Manifesto of Veneto Fishing', a document that encapsulates the values and mission of the sector

19, Oct 2022

Agribusiness and tourism, the future of fishing lies in supply chain projects

While everything changes, even fishing, what seemed to be the oldest and most unchanged of the sectors over the centuries, changes and demonstrates a considerable potential for versatility

18, Oct 2022

Apulian food and fish supply chains at the Fiera del Levante 2022

Two pavilions set up by the Region's Agriculture Department.

14, Oct 2022

Extraordinary measures to reduce energy consumption

Conference mayors alarmed by energy crisis

11, Oct 2022

Liguria Region allocates 190,000 euro for fishing

European Maritime Policy and Aquaculture Fund call: applications by 30 October

10, Oct 2022

Tonno Insuperabileback on the market

After the success of the 80s the historic brand is back in the supermarkets with its payoff  "buono per natura"