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03, Jan 2023

Fishing, Veneto: regional fish map and new fishing and aquaculture regulations in force from January

Planning and regulatory instruments standardising amateur fishing, professional fishing and aquaculture activities in all waters of the Veneto Region

02, Jan 2023

Minimum size of the sea clam confirmed at 22 mm

Published in the Official Journal of the European Union the COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2022/2587 of 18 August 2022 which confirms the minimum size of the sea clam (Venus spp.) at 22 mm in Italian territorial waters until 31 December 2025

02, Jan 2023

Sushi boom on the New Year's dinner tables

Even during the holidays, Italian consumers, increasingly open to the search for new products and flavors, find in sushi a valid alternative to share with friends and relatives

29, Dec 2022

Fish prices stable, consumption up 20 per cent

PescAgri estimates over EUR 1 billion in spending on fish delicacies between Christmas and Epiphany

23, Dec 2022

Aquaculture, API: quick action is needed on energy costs and traceability of 'made in Italy' fish

Clear information should be provided to consumers indicating the origin (fishing or farming) and country of origin of the fish

22, Dec 2022

Christmas dinner, Italians don't give up traditions: +15% clam prices

BMTI elaborations on data from the wholesale markets of Rome, Milan, Salerno and Venice