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29, Dec 2022

Fish prices stable, consumption up 20 per cent

PescAgri estimates over EUR 1 billion in spending on fish delicacies between Christmas and Epiphany

23, Dec 2022

Aquaculture, API: quick action is needed on energy costs and traceability of 'made in Italy' fish

Clear information should be provided to consumers indicating the origin (fishing or farming) and country of origin of the fish

22, Dec 2022

Christmas dinner, Italians don't give up traditions: +15% clam prices

BMTI elaborations on data from the wholesale markets of Rome, Milan, Salerno and Venice

15, Dec 2022

Sardinia, sea urchin fishing: the decree for unblocking will soon be signed

Councillor Satta receives ricciai fishermen: 'ready to work together for the benefit of the sector'

09, Dec 2022

FAO, overfishing in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Stronger management measures are urgently needed for 73% of commercial species