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Legacoop Agroalimentare à Conxemar pour l'avenir de la pêche

Sara Guidelli (directrice générale de Legacoop Agroalimentare) : "Nous apprécions beaucoup le travail de Masaf, qui nous a permis de participer à la foire pour la première fois. Une foire importante pour le secteur et qui place les entreprises au centre".

04, Oct 2023

Legacoop Agroalimentare present at the Conxemar fair, one of the most important events on the international scene for frozen and preserved products in the fish sector, scheduled in Vigo, Spain, until tomorrow. Representing Legacoop Agroalimentare, present at the fair with its associates Casa del Pescatore di Cattolica, Consorzio Pescatori di Goro, Maricoltura e Ricerca Capraia and Blu Ocean, were the general director Sara Guidelli and the head of the fishing sector, Elena Ghezzi.
Yesterday the inauguration ceremony of the Italian Stand, the first day of the event, with the Minister of Masaf, Francesco Lollobrigida which was followed by the meeting on the Blue Crab emergency, the alien species that is spreading in the Mediterranean, entitled "The fight to the Blue Crab: protection of mussel farming and marketing opportunities". «We really appreciate the work of Masaf which allowed us to participate in the fair for the first time. An important fair for the sector which puts businesses at the centre", commented Sara Guidelli.
Today, however, Legacoop Agroalimentare participated in the round table Frozen and processed fish products: trends and consumption with Antonio Loco, administrative director of Blu Ocean, Fabio Giorgi and Stefano Dini president and commercial director of Mariculture and Research, Nicola Tontini director of Casa del Pescatore and Massimo Gennari director of the Goro Fishermen's Consortium. With them Marco Fiori, Coop Italia's fish manager for the distribution part of the supply chain. The meeting was an opportunity to talk about quality, sustainability, food safety, innovation and certification, elements increasingly requested by today's consumers. A challenge that fishing and aquaculture companies have taken up positively through the valorization of modern and sustainable supply chains.

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