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Federpesca, concerned about the fate of Piombino companies

No to the Bolkestein application on aquaculture

05, Jun 2024

‘We are concerned about the fate of some important mariculture businesses in the Gulf of Follonica whose activity is being called into question by a decision of the Municipality of Piombino that intends to put concessions out to tender by improperly applying the Bolkestein principles. Mariculture in fact represents for the Gulf of Follonica area a fundamental production sector in terms of turnover and employment that must be safeguarded and whose activities contribute to the need for quality fish products in a country that is already unable to meet the overall national demand. Moreover, we believe that the application of Bolkestein to aquaculture is an erroneous choice that extends a principle relating to services to a primary production sector that, although carried out on a public good such as the sea, has a completely different nature and discipline, as has already been correctly clarified by a note of the Ministry of Transport. This is why we are asking the Municipality of Piombino and all the institutions to take action to withdraw the determination and safeguard the enterprises and workers in the sector,' the National Federation of Fishing Enterprises said in a note.


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