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'The Veneto Region's emergency blue crab plan to be shared by all'

Confsal press release

23, Oct 2023

"For fishermen, the blue crab is an increasingly serious problem because it can damage nets and fishing equipment. Moreover, by easily entering the nets, the crab can eat or scare away the catch, causing considerable economic losses. We therefore believe that measures such as those of the Veneto Region, to protect the sector and its workers, are necessary and should be shared as models to be implemented'.

This was announced by the national Confsal pesca after the north-eastern Region, through Councillor Cristiano Corazzari, financed a plan in response to the emergency that has also overwhelmed aquaculture in the production of clams and mussels, which employs 1,500 fishermen. The lines of action for the emergency management of the blue crab include an activity to reduce the number of specimens with the purchase and placement of double chamber pots, net enclosures to protect the clam seeding, and an analysis on scenarios and future lines of management.

"As a trade union federation protecting the sector, we therefore hope that the 15 regions bordering the sea, which are inevitably involved, will adopt measures like those in Veneto as soon as possible," concludes the Confsal pesca nazionale.

Confsal pesca nazionale

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