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Blue crab: Emilia Region calls for state of emergency

In Goro, Lollobrigida meets fishermen and local authorities who reiterate: 3 mln euro too little

25, Aug 2023

A new chapter is added to the summer under the banner of the blue crab, with the meeting between the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida and some local authorities in Emilia. During the confrontation, which took place at the Goro and Comacchio marineries, in the Ferrara area (perhaps by far the maritime area most invaded by the allochthonous crustacean), the Councilor for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Region Alessio Mammi asked the government declaration of a state of emergency. The meeting was also attended by the prefect of Ferrara Rinaldo Argentieri, the mayor of Goro Maria Bugnoli, heads of the national department of necessary fishing, cooperatives, fishing consortia and fishing and aquaculture associations.

“We need credit aid for fishing and aquaculture enterprises, to support their income,” said councilor Mammi in a note. The heritage of the fishing sector for Emilia-Romagna is indispensable. The national emergency is important because it provides for extraordinary, faster, faster and more flexible procedures. The three million euros made available by the government are a breath of fresh air - continues the councilor - but we need a national fund, more important resources. And then we need to suspend mortgages and tax obligations, access to credit, a national table together with the banks ".

During the meeting with Minister Lollobrigida, "the urgency of acting to preserve the sector which in recent months has been taking on the burden not only of reducing the presence of crab, but also of restoring the balance of ecosystem of waters threatened by the massive presence of this non-native species". The marineries of Goro and Comacchio are a strategic production sector, where approximately 16,000 tons of clams are produced annually, which corresponds to 55% of Italian production and 40% of European production, with 1,700 employees. "It is urgent - concludes Mammi - a structured contrast strategy at national level, monitoring of the damage must be carried out and the state of disaster recognized with adequate refreshments for a sector that is at really great risk".

Goro, FE, Italy, 24/08/2023 16:06
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