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The Italian fish farmers (API) of Confagricoltura at Aquafarm 2023

A rich calendar for sustainable aquaculture

14, Feb 2023

Italian aquaculture farmers, especially fish farmers, face a complex situation: “Climate change, the soaring costs of bills and logistics, the market revolution, have completely changed our experience and our certainties. These revolutionary transformations must prompt us to reflect on how to face them with renewed energy". Thus Pier Antonio Salvador, president of API, the association that brings together fish farmers of Confagricoltura, on the eve of the sixth edition of Aquafarm, in Pordenone on 15 and 16 February, held since its debut in collaboration with API.

The two-day event dedicated to aquaculture and sustainable fishing is an important opportunity for all professionals in the Mediterranean and southern Europe to meet and debate. “Without underestimating the problems we experience every day – continues the API president – we must be able to aim straight at the goal to increase the competitiveness of our sector. On the one hand, new technologies and intelligent aquaculture, on the other an increasingly cohesive supply chain, which is united with the large-scale distribution, as our important sector deserves".

The intense calendar of the event will be an opportunity for API to present the Guide for the evaluation and improvement of the energy efficiency of aquaculture plants, drawn up within the European program EWEAS (Erasmus +). “This project – explains Salvador – has contributed to improving water and energy efficiency in our plants, providing solutions to reduce water and energy consumption. Aquaculture is once again an example of resilience and we are convinced that the global crisis can become an opportunity for the sector: the adoption of good management practices will allow us to further reduce the environmental impact".

Appointments coordinated by API

On February 15, after the inauguration with national, regional and European authorities, a round table will be held: "Aquaculture in Italy in the coming years, how to increase and protect sustainable production".
Following the focus on energy: "Energy crisis: ways out for aquaculture".
In the afternoon the meeting "La valliculture in the Upper Adriatic: tradition, support, environment, enhancement and new productions."
On 16 February: "Climate change: aquaculture as a point of environmental reflection and test bench", with the presentation of the Guide for the evaluation and improvement of the energy efficiency of aquaculture plants, drawn up within the European project EWEAS .
In the afternoon the round table "The programs of the new FEAMPA", with the participation of FEAP, MASAF and some Regions.

The numbers of aquaculture
Only 2 fish out of every 10 consumed are 'made in Italy'.
In 2021, aquaculture produced 180,000 tons of fish and molluscs, with a turnover of around 500 million euros.
There are 850 production sites concentrated 60% in the North, 15% in the Center and 25% in the South.
In Italy, 25 fish species are bred in great biodiversity in different environments: fresh water, brackish water (lagoons), sea.
The most farmed fish is trout, followed by sea bream and sea bass.
130 million fry of valuable marine fish species are also produced.
We are European leaders for sturgeon caviar.

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