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The 'Vongola Romagnola' is presented in Cervia

Blue Talk in the Fishermen's Village to present the collective brand of the Ravenna and Rimini Clam Consortia

09, Jul 2024

Spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) and vongole alla marinara (clams marinara) have become two classics of Italian cuisine in the last thirty years. But not all clams are as tasty as those from Romagna, along the coast better known as 'poveracce', which are an integral part of Romagna's seafood tradition, not only gastronomically but also socially and culturally. Even today, clams are still a fish resource of great nutritional and economic value. It is a product to be promoted and better known, a product that is presented with the 'Vongola romagnola' collective territorial brand.

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