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Salame Felino PGI, consumer turnover at 87 million euro

In 2023, the labelled product exceeds 3.5 million kilograms. Pre-sliced cheese did well, with 573,000 kilos destined compared to 526,000 in 2019. Umberto Boschi, President of the Protection Consortium: «Satisfied with the sector’s resilience, but the raw material has undergone unprecedented price increases in the order of 20%».

15, Apr 2024

Consumer sales up slightly to EUR 87 million. And a pre-sliced product that, although down compared to last year, where it was still affected by the positive boom linked to the Covid period, remains well above 2019 levels (+9%). Salame Felino IGP also confirms its good results in the 2023 economic data, despite «an increase in raw material costs never seen before, around 20%», as reiterated by Umberto Boschi, president of the Consorzio di tutela del Salame Felino IGP. Analysing the data, the production of meat sent for processing in 2023 was close to 5.5 million kilograms; as for the final labelled product, 3.5 million were destined, in line with the previous year's figures. Figures that represent a production value of around 40 million euros, while consumer turnover rises to 87 million, with a slight increase over 2022 (+3%). Excellent results were recorded by the cut counter thanks to the return of consumers to the assisted market. But even pre-sliced, although physiologically down from last year's record numbers, remained well above pre-Covid levels. Finally, exports stood at about 3%, with Europe as the main market, but the Consortium during 2023 registered further interest from several customers, particularly in non-EU markets and the United States.

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