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Blue crab, Veneto Region allocates 200,000 euro for fishermen

Zaia: support the capture of the crosspatch and help those who fight every day to do their job

16, Feb 2024

Today is a day awaited by fishermen in areas affected by the blue crab emergency. In fact, from today 16 February, the submission of applications will begin to access the allocation of 10 million euros which will allow consortia, fishing and aquaculture companies to obtain non-repayable contributions to deal with fluctuations in the abundance of the blue crab and start sowing (read EFA News).

The situation, however, shows no signs of changing for the better, so much so that the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, had to intervene by commenting on the decision of the Polesine Fishermen's Consortium to stop fishing in all the lagoons of Porto Tolle due to lack of product , now completely eliminated by the crustacean.

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