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Rainbow trout: OK for release in the Lazio Region

Masaf grants derogation authorisation. Councillor Righini's announcement

16, Feb 2024

“I thank the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, for having accepted our request for authorization to release, in derogation, and in accordance with the authorization by the Ministry of the Environment, the rainbow trout species in waterways for salmonids from the Lazio region". This was declared by the councilor for Budget, Economic Planning, Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, Hunting and Fishing and Parks and Forests of the Lazio Region Giancarlo Righini.

“With the regulatory framework that emerged in 2020, in fact, fish restocking with brown trout to support the sport fishing sector have been suspended in order to safeguard native species and populations. The unavailability of material corresponding to the local species has determined the impossibility of carrying out repopulations on salmonid waterways. This has caused a different distribution of fishing effort with a consequent excessive load on some areas and on different species with relative depletion of the region's fish populations", added Righini.

“In the imminence of the launch of a reproduction program for the local populations of Apennine trout (Salmo Ghigii), considering the high number of enthusiasts who practice salmonid fishing to which important economic and social implications are linked, this administration the regional authority therefore requested and obtained, for a transitional period, the release of sterile rainbow trout with the aim of intervening promptly to reduce the fishing pressure that has developed on the native Apennine trout and start its recovery also using the hatchery regional”, concludes the councilor.

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Roma, RM, Italia, 15/02/2024 11:03
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