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ARAER in the field to support farmers in Romagna

"Solidarity animal survival", the project of the Regional Association of Breeders of Emilia Romagna is about to start in support of breeders in Romagna

20, May 2023

The aid and support project for farmers in Romagna prepared by the Regional Breeders Association of Emilia Romagna (ARAER) in agreement with the Region and the Civil Protection is about to start.

The project is called "Solidarity survival of livestock animals" and is aimed at the purchase of feed and forage to be allocated to those farmers who, due to the flood and landslides due to landslides, risk running out of stocks within a few days food to be guaranteed for their livestock.

The project provides for the management of transport both with road trains where the territory permits road practicability, and with the support of a helicopter.

ARAER is opening a collection center for the storage of hay, straw and feed together with a current account where anyone who wishes can make a donation in both products and cash. All of this will go to farms affected by the disaster.

“We are preparing all the details of an operational protocol which, in the utmost transparency, will have to turn quickly and be very efficient - underlines the director of ARAER, Claudio Bovo - We are aware that we have to fight a race against time in the midst of extraordinary logistical difficulties, but we know equally well that in such a dramatic moment the role of an important Association like ours must also be this”.

The project "Solidarity survival of livestock animals" also provides for the purchase, by ARAER, of a supply of vaccines to combat clostidiosis, a disease that in these emergency conditions animals could contract by drinking and/or eating water and/or food contaminated by debris and alluvial mud. The doses will be delivered to the veterinarians or directly to the farmers to proceed with the vaccination of the livestock.

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