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Contas, the Japanese market opens its doors to Lamb of Sardinia PGI

At Foodex Japan to build a commercial bridge in the name of centenarians

06, Mar 2024

The food of the Sardinians meets the land that hosts one of the five blue zones recognized in the world. At the center of the exchange is the Agnello di Sardegna PGI, among the protagonists of the 49th edition of the Fair which will be held in Tokyo from today 5th to 8th March. The participation of the Consortium for the protection of PGI Lamb, an economic force in agricultural Sardinia, is part of the promotional actions that Contas has been carrying out for several years and for this reason it was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture with the Food Ambassadors award Italian in the World, directly from Minister Francesco Lollobrigida, present at the trade fair. The presence of Contas in Tokyo was already announced during the participation in the Dubai fair last November and comes thanks to Ice, the agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies. The occasion opens the doors to a market full of opportunities for meat.

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