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Crefis pig sector - October 2023

Updates from Crefis

08, Nov 2023

In October, the prices of slaughter pigs increased further, on a cyclical basis, thus reaching new maximum levels. A further decline instead affected the prices of breeding pigs.
The profitability of Italian farmers engaged in the Closed Cycle, in Sites 1 and 3, is growing, while an economic decline was recorded for the operators of Site 2.
The profitability of Italian slaughterers is decreasing, both in economic and trend terms.
The stability of the prices of PDO cured hams and the growth in the prices of fresh legs which occurred at the beginning of maturation have led to a worsening of the profitability of these producers, which is also lower than last year.
On a cyclical basis, the profitability of NON-DOP ham seasoners is also decreasing, although it remains higher than in the same period last year.


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