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Pig farming profitability grows again in August

Unfavourable dynamics, on the other hand, both for slaughtering, where the cost of buying pigs weighs heavily, and for PDO curing, which is held back by the price of legs

11, Sep 2023

The profitability of the pig breeding sector in our country shows a positive trend also in August. So much so that the Index calculated by Crefis (Economic Research Center on Sustainable Supply Chains for the closed cycle presents a month-on-month variation of +7%; the comparison with last year's data is also very favourable: +39.4%. This phase is determined by the decline in costs for feeding fattening animals and the increase in the prices of pigs for slaughter. In August, the market for heavy pigs destined for the protected circuit recorded an average monthly price of 2.279 euros/kg, an increase compared to the previous month of 3.2% and 18% on a trend basis. This is the maximum value ever reached by the average monthly price.
Also in the period examined, the open cycle also reported positive data. Starting from the weaning phase which sees profitability increase by 2.6% (+30% on a trend basis) thanks to the contained food costs and despite the stagnation of the prices of 7kg piglets stuck at 70,430 euros/head (trend data however still positive and equal to +33.6%).
As regards the growth phase, again in the period examined, there was a slight decline in profitability at the economic level (-0.5%) due to the drop in the prices of output garments (-1.2% in August for a price of 4.412 euros/kg) compared to the stability of the costs incurred months earlier for the items purchased. The prices of 30 kg pigs, however, are decidedly higher than those recorded in 2022 (+39.8% trend variation).
In August the trend in profitability for the fattening phase was also positive: the Crefis index marked +3.4% on a quarterly basis +25% year on year.

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