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FAO Meat Price Index

July 2023

04, Aug 2023

The FAO Meat Price Index averaged 117.8 points in July, down 0.4 points (0.3 percent) from June and remaining 6.3 points (5.1 percent) below its corresponding month a year ago. International bovine meat prices fell, reflecting higher export availabilities in Oceania, coinciding with subdued import demand in Asian markets amid higher inventories and sluggish internal sales. Poultry meat prices also fell slightly due to increased supplies from leading exporters, despite the persistent impacts of the avian influenza outbreaks in major producing regions. Meanwhile, decreases in ovine meat prices continued for the third consecutive month, reflecting high supply availabilities in Oceania and lower demand from leading importers, including China and Western Europe. By contrast, continued tight supplies from Western Europe and the United States of America, in tandem with high seasonal demand, led pig meat prices to increase for the sixth consecutive month.

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