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Milan, Chef Nusret will open in 2023 with his golden steak

Top secret where Turkish entrepreneur world-famous for his way of salting meat will land

10, Oct 2022

He announced it on Instagram and the steak people are already there with fork and knife in hand. At least those who can afford an extra-luxury piece of meat. We're talking about Chef Nusret's new restaurant in Milan: Salt Bae Chef Nusret, the Turkish entrepreneur famous the world over for his way of salting meat, has in fact declared himself ready to open a new restaurant in Milan in 2023.

The news is in the public domain after Chef Nusret Gökçe, that is his real name, announced on Instagram in the last few days his intention to land in Italy, answering a question from the @milanohafame account on the timing of the opening of a new restaurant in the Milanese capital. The chef replied bluntly: 'Next year'.

Still top secret is the district of Milan chosen by Chef Nusret to open his new restaurant. What is known for sure is that, as for all his restaurants around the world, the menu prices will be decidedly high.

The most exclusive dish here will also be the Golden Giant Tomahawk, an extra-large steak that in England costs £1,450, or more than €1,650: the price includes the gold leaf with which the meat is wrapped. Even for those who are satisfied with a simple hamburger and a can of cola, the price is not modest: 109 pounds equivalent to about 124 euros.

To give a reason for the prices offered, apart from the excellent quality of the meat confirmed by those who have tried it, there is also the performance that has made Salt Bae famous throughout the world: the act of salting the meat by bouncing the grains on the elbow before they touch the steaks has become to all intents and purposes its trademark. You should know that going to eat at his place also pays for this scenic touch.

Many consider Chef Nusret to be a kind of 'McDonald's for rich people' because you can often meet celebrities like David Beckham and Naomi Campbell, footballers like Messi and Neymar and other VIPs at a table in his restaurants.

Salt Bae's first steak house was opened in 2010 in Istanbul, then the second in Dubai in 2014. His Nusr-Et Steakhouse currently has 22 restaurants worldwide, in Istanbul Etiler, Istanbul Sandal Bedesteni, Ankara Kavakldere, D-Hotel Maris, Bodrum Yalkavak Marina, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Miami, New York and Mykonos.

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Milan, MI, Italy, 07/10/2022 18:10
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