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Unicarve renews top management and approves growing 2022 budget

Increasing the membership base, increasing activities in the area of member services and participation in national and international sector projects

30, Jul 2023

The General Assembly of Unicarve, meeting on 26 June at the Crowne Plaza in Padua, site of the national conference on beef cattle zootechnics, approved the balance sheet of the activities carried out in the year 2022, with a positive balance, recording an increase in the membership base , with an increase in activities in terms of services to members and participation in national and international industry projects.

Elected at the meeting the new Governing Council, which will remain in office for the next four years, with the unanimous reconfirmation of the President Fabiano Barbisan, in today's meeting of the Council, at the headquarters of Legnaro (PD), was elected, unanimously, Vice-President of Unicarve, Fabio Scomparin, an important figure in beef cattle zootechnics in Italy, as President of the Social Stable of Monastier (TV), a company in constant growth, both in terms of quality and economic development of structures and activities connected with breeding, despite the market difficulties in which the sector is struggling.

This is the composition of the new Board: Fabiano Barbisan, President, Fabio Scomparin, Vice-President, Directors: Andretta Casimiro, Durante Giorgio (President of the Cooperative Breeders of Volpago del Montello), Marco Fortuna (President of OP Scaligera), Guzzo Mario Paolo, Marchetti Roberto (white-meat veal sector) Mezzanato Andrea, Pangrazio Gabriele, Pesce Willy, Scappin Ignazio (President of the Bonavigo stable), Taschini Fabio.

The statutory auditors reconfirmed: Dr. Franceso Scappini, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Paolo Mingardo and Dr. Lucio Leoni, members of the Board.

Appointed the Board of Arbitrators with President, Mariano Patergnani, members Roberto Meneghini and Giampietro Omenetto.

In the first meeting of the new Council, the National Beef Plan was examined, reconfirming the validity of the project and shared the need to create a "Sector Plan for Beef Cattle Livestock", to be brought, as soon as possible, to the approval of the State-Regions Conference.


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