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Cacettone: the first Panettone-flavoured caciocavallo is born

Sultanas and fruity flavours combine with milk to create a surprising taste by Petrone Group

21, Dec 2023

After the first antioxidant turmeric mozzarella and the first Cammella mozzarella in the world, the first Panettone-flavoured Caciocavallo is born, signed Petrone Group. The company, based in Fisciano (SA), holds the Innovative Enrichment Milk (IEM) patent: a device that combines efficiency and sustainability, to improve homogenisation and pasteurisation processes guided by AI that analyses milk parameters and optimises enrichment.

This process also gives rise to Cacettone, which combines the taste of the well-known Caciocavallo with that of the holiday dessert par excellence: Panettone. «The flavour varies according to seasoning. So the Cacettone matured 2/3 months will have a very fresh taste thanks to the combination of the orange blossom almonds and sultanas; while in the one matured more than 1 year, we will have the pungency of the cheese (acquired precisely in the long maturing process) contrasting with the sweetness of the sultanas and the fragrance of the panettone» Petrone explains.

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