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ESSEOQUATTRO wins international SNACKING D'OR 2023 award thanks to Paniké Olà: the innovative “sandwich holder” that avoids cross-contamination of food

A simple “sandwich holder”, as basic in appearance as it is revolutionary for the world of food packaging

13, Apr 2023

A simple “sandwich holder”, as basic in appearance as it is revolutionary for the world of food packaging. It is thanks to this new and innovative product, renamed Paniké Olà, that the company ESSEOQUATTRO Spa of Carmignano di Brenta (PD), specialised in the production and distribution of innovative and safe food packaging, was awarded the international “Snacking d’Or 2023” prize during the Sandwich&Snack Show in Paris.

For the Carmignano-based Spa, the award represents a new prestigious goal, achieved thanks to its original Paniké in Olà grease-proof paper: an innovative product by ESSEOQUATTRO that, if used in the correct way, is able to prevent cross contamination of food cooked on the griddle. The characteristics of this anti-fat backing effectively prevent the migration of organic substances from the food to the cooking surface and viceversa, even under the severe conditions of pressure, surface roughness and high temperature, typical of cooking on the griddle. Laboratory tests carried out by Food Contact Center Srl, have indeed shown that, thanks to Paniké, it is possible to use the same hotplate to cook different foods, without the risk of cross-contamination.

Paniké confirms that it is customer-oriented packaging, able to guarantee food safety and offer additional services to the consumer. In addition to cooking on the griddle (up to 220° for 5'), the bag is in fact also suitable for cooking and reheating food in the traditional oven (up to 150° for 20') and in the microwave (up to 600w for 2'): a particularly useful feature for take-away and delivery services. The use of the practical 'sandwich holder' also avoids soiling the plate, thus making the operator's work easier and the service quicker.

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