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The Best Italian Wines 2023, in Rome Feb. 17-19

Luca Maroni returns to the Salone delle Fontane in Rome Eur with the great labels of Belpaese

10, Feb 2023

From February 17 to 19, the new edition number XXII of I Migliori Vini Italiani, the wine fair organized by Luca and Francesca Romana Maroni, returns to the Salone delle Fontane in Rome’s Eur district. The theme of the new event is fermentation, declined in all its aspects: «We will talk about effervescence and leavening to grasp the facets that can certainly concern wine, and not necessarily bubbles, but also other raw materials, from water to solid foods» says Francesca Romana Maroni, CEO of Sens Eventi.

More than 120 wineries will be present at the tasting tables selected by Luca Maroni to represent Italian wine-making excellence, including white, red, rosé and bubbly wines without neglecting sweet references. As every year, great attention will also be paid to the small realities that make quality, often family-run. Hundreds, therefore, of references on tap with a great variety of aromas, scents and nuances that Luca Maroni himself will help to perceive through guided tasting sessions based on methodology designed by him and outlined by three key points: consistency (richness of the wine in extracts, i.e., expressive volume), balance (harmony between the components) and integrity (absence of defects of oenological transformation).

Massimiliano Rella

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