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MarcaMarocco: Made in Italy lands in Casablanca

The new Marca by BolognaFiere project started today in Casablanca, Morocco, to support Italian companies interested in expanding their business to North Africa

29, Nov 2023

MarcaMarocco, the new two-day project (28 and 29 November) by Marca by BolognaFiere, aimed at supporting Italian companies interested in expanding their business towards North Africa, a market increasingly attentive to the quality of Made in Italy.

Strengthened by substantial investments and constant economic development, Morocco is experiencing significant rates of growth and emancipation, which have made it possible to slow down emigration, improve exports, infrastructure and the inflow of foreign capital. The modern distribution sector is no exception in this sense, establishing itself in the country as the second largest supplier of jobs in 2022, with a contribution of 8% to the national GDP. Although traditional trade is still very widespread in Morocco (wholesale markets, souks and retailers), according to official data, modern trade is also starting to establish itself - today already at 20% of overall distribution - with supermarkets, hypermarkets and e-commerce growing and oriented towards private label products.

Moroccan large-scale retail trade pays more and more attention to the needs of consumers, who are increasingly sensitive to the quality of the products on the shelves, starting with the Italian ones.

And it is precisely in this context that MarcaMarocco starts, an initiative promoted by Marca by BolognaFiere in partnership with Médinit, a company specialized in the development of B2B relationships between Italian companies and international operators. On this occasion, Italian companies will be able to present their product offering to Moroccan and North African large-scale retail trade operators, proposing the private label marketing of the products most in line with local consumption, increasingly requested by consumers.

Table meetings will be held in Casablanca, in a B2B and one-to-one format, to encourage tailor-made business with the aim of promoting Made in Italy on foreign markets.

Buyers and representatives of the Moroccan and North African large-scale retail trade - including LaBel'Vie - Carrefour, Marjane Asswak Assalam, Bim and Acima - will be able to deepen their knowledge of Made in Italy products during the 20th edition of Marca by BolognaFiere, scheduled from 16 to 17 January 2024.

The new initiative is part of the wide range of actions implemented by BolognaFiere to give further impetus to the internationalization process of the event, which already in 2023 has organized over 3,000 B2B meetings between exhibiting companies and visiting foreign delegations: more than 200 the foreign buyers involved, with significant presences from North and South America, from some Eastern countries (Romania and Slovenia), from Western Europe (France, Denmark, Germany and England), from Israel and Saudi Arabia. The partnership with ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies will continue to encourage the incoming of foreign operators, together with the specific know-how of BolognaFiere in this area and the renewed agreements with the widespread network of agents foreign countries already operational on the main European markets and ready to become active in other EU and non-EU countries also through the organization of events and initiatives.

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