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Psa, OK for the consumption of wild boar slaughtered in Ligurian restriction zones

Possible to consume the meat at home and privately

21, May 2024

From Saturday, 18 May in Liguria, it is possible to consume the meat, at home and privately, of wild boars killed in depopulation actions within the restriction zones identified for the containment and control of African swine fever. This was established by the Regional Council by approving a special resolution, containing all the indications: among these, it is foreseen that consumption is possible only if the capture took place in an area where no positive cases have been detected for at least three months and, as per the national provisions established by the Commissioner's order, the fight against Psa, only if the disease test on the animal is negative.

‘The most relevant aspect of the opening to self-consumption in restriction zone II coinciding with the hunting ethic,’ the Liguria Region explains, ‘lays the groundwork for the continued involvement of hunters in depopulation activities. One of the positive factors of this measure is the blanket use of health checks as well as savings for the administration, given the high costs of carcass disposal. I recall that Psa is not dangerous to humans, so destroying healthy meat that was negative to health checks was doubly burdensome both from an accounting point of view and, as already mentioned, for hunting ethics. In the coming weeks we will be able to appreciate the hunting world's response to the new regulatory framework’.

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Genova, GE, Italia, 20/05/2024 05:06
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