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Public veterinary strike on 18 December 2023: meat and sausage production at risk

Joint press release Assocarni - Unaitalia - Assica

13, Dec 2023

The public veterinary trade unions have called a national strike for the whole day on Monday 18 December 2023.
Assica, Assocarni and Unaitalia, which represent the Italian meat and charcuterie industry, express their concern to the Government about the initiative, since this strike will lead, at a time when there has always been an increase in the consumption of traditional meat products, to the suspension of the inspection service by the AUSL (local health authorities) with inevitable difficulties in supplying meat for consumption.
The Industry Associations, in recognising the professionalism of the category of public veterinary doctors and the fundamental role they play in the supervision and monitoring of companies in the food sector, ask the Government to verify whether the conditions exist that could lead to a revocation of the protest demonstration and solutions that reconcile the enjoyment of other constitutionally protected rights.

Assocarni - Unaitalia - Assica

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