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Fish poaching: Senate approves bill

Increased traceability of catches and protection for sports and professional operators

28, Mar 2024

The bill against fish poaching was approved by the Senate with 87 votes in favour, 56 abstentions and no dissenting votes. As explained by Mara Bizzotto, deputy vice-president of the Group at Palazzo Madama and rapporteur of the bill, it is a measure 'the result of years of work by the League to combat illegal fishing and allow greater traceability of the catch to protect sporting and professional operators and the health of consumers.

"A common sense law," Bizzotto further emphasised, "shared by both the world of sport fishermen and the world of professional fishermen, and which brings order after the legislative muddle that in 2019 brought the amendment of Article 40, sending the management of controls on our rivers back to the Middle Ages in favour of Eastern European criminal organisations."

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