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“The sea inside, stories of fish, fishermen and water”

An immersive journey into the world of fishing at the Genoa Boat Show 2023

19, Sep 2023

“The sea inside, stories of fish, fishermen and water” is a visual and sound experience. A sensorial journey that visitors will be able to experience throughout the entire period of the Boat Show. An exhibition in which the visitor can immerse himself in the world of fishing and discover the lives of fishing women and men through images and sounds that tell the story of the sea.

The exhibition, divided into three rooms, accompanies the visitor on a visual and audio journey, which allows you to physically and emotionally immerse yourself in the stories - made of passion, sacrifice and dedication - of women and men who every day commit themselves to offering the best fish products. A section of the exhibition focuses on the role of women in the world of fishing to convey their great value. Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, often perceived as silent figures in this sector, who instead play active and indispensable roles, especially for family fishing businesses.

The exhibition, which will be held from 21 to 26 September, in the Banchina N area, was created by Federpesca with the collaboration of Quelquechose, with the aim of involving the general public who usually visits the exhibition through a new narrative focused on the evocative power of images and sounds with which to show how hard the fishermen's work is, how much care for the product and how much attention for the environment that surrounds them characterizes their daily life.


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